Friday, June 15, 2012

You Are Here!

Dear Alex,
In all the excitement of last week, I forgot to post again.

Last Thursday, June 7th at 9pm, Dr. Baker decided your mommy had had enough 'torture' and decided to assemble the c-section team.  You were born at 10:50pm, and I snapped your first picture when they carried you to the nursery.  I watched the nurse give you a bath; you clearly did not like it, although you quieted down when she washed and dried your back, and again when she washed your hair.  You were born with a full head of dark hair, which we think should lighten up.

At first glance, I thought you looked like your mommy, but by the time we could hold you, we could tell you had your daddy's chin dimple; his eyes; and possibly his nose and ears.

You are such a good baby!  You hardly cry; you fuss a bit, but no prolonged screaming fits.  And you don't mind being passed around.

We had your photo taken before you left the hospital, and I've also shot several short videos of you interacting with your mommy, daddy, and grandpa.

You are now a week old and this week has flown by.  I'm looking forward to taking you to your first baseball game; to the Farmer's Market; and to church on Sunday.

You are holding up your head fairly well, and you turn your head to see who's talking or walking around.  You also finally got the hang of nursing, so bottle-feedings aren't so frequent anymore.

Til your next milestone...


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