Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Waiting Game

Dear Alex,
On Monday, your mother was still dilated at 2cm and since Dr. Baker is leaving for vacation soon, he asked you mommy if she'd like you to be born today, June 7th.  She happily agreed, so we arrived this morning at 7am.  The doctor broke Mommy's water around 9am, and it's been a slow progression.  Mommy requested pain meds around noon, and an epidural around 1:30.  It is now 7pm, ten hours later, and she's finally dilated to 4cm.  Looks as if your Uncle Kyle may get his wish; he wants you to be born on the 8th, which is his half birthday.

Your father and I are enjoying a quiet day; he's on your mom's laptop and I've been reading.  I bought breakfast this morning (Burger King) and your Grandma Sandi gave your daddy money for lunch and dinner.  I left for about 90 minutes this afternoon, to retrieve my phone and Kindle chargers, and to eat lunch myself (McDonalds).  Not sure what I'll eat for dinner.  Your mommy's had a popcicle and some jello.  She's napping at the moment, which is good.  She only got 2 hours of sleep last night, due to having a long talk with Uncle Kyle.

Everyone is awaiting your arrival sweetie:)  And after you're born, Grandpa and I will finally go get your stroller/car seat!

Your crib arrived; no word yet on when it will be set up.

Hoping your entry into the world is smooth and effortless:)


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