Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another Milestone!

Dearest Alexandria,

This entire week, I've watched you wake up, go sit on the potty, and proudly show us your DRY diaper.  You have worn your Sofia The First and Frozen panties, and have had nearly NO accidents during the day.

We are so proud of you, darling!  Being potty-trained is the first step toward being able to attend preschool:)  In fact, your mother and I took the paperwork down yesterday, to see about getting you enrolled in Early Head Start.

Your mother quit her job at Steak-n-Shake, due to the payroll not fully paying her every week, and is now working nights at Lewis Bakery.  You've been spending 'quality time' with Mommy while she sleeps, tucked up beside her in bed while you watch NetFlix.

Earlier this month, Mommy trimmed your hair to just at your shoulders and you look so much better! I know it has to be cooler than having all that hair down your back:)


Monday, August 17, 2015

You Are Now THREE!

Dearest Alex,
So much has happened over the course of two years!  I apologize for neglecting this site.

You were our little bumble bee for Halloween, and at Christmas, you received not one, not two, but FIVE play cell phones!  You enjoyed your baby dolls and charmed your Aunt Linda.

Your hair grew longer; your vocabulary increased.  We took you to Madison, In, and you enjoyed the waterfront with your mommy, Uncle Will, and Papa.  For Easter, you looked adorable in your white dress, and Mommy bought you a pink toy 4-wheeler:)

Your birthday was celebrated at O Charley's in Lafayette, but you fell asleep before we got to Columbian Park, so no zoo for you.

In August, you spent time with your cousins Rachel and David, first in Aunt Linda's pool, then at Red Lobster and Grandma Sally's house.

For Halloween, we dressed you as Sofia the First, one of your many favorite Disney heroines.  You also love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, and of course, Sofia.  You also love the movies Coraline, Monsters University, and Princess and the Frog.

Grandma home schooled your Uncle Will this year, so you got to go on many outings, including the skating rink and the pumpkin patch!  You enjoyed the corn maze and walking in a piece of culvert on a track; you laughed whenever you'd fall down while with Mommy, Uncle Will, or even Grandma.  We had to practically drag you away from the boat races; you loved pumping the water!

Mommy went to work at Steak-n-Shake, and you love to go eat french fries and cheese:)

In December, we took you to Cousin Trudy's house, where you helped play Santa, plus played with Zoey and Melody, even playing with the remote control snake!  Grandpa Mike got down on the floor with you and played with the little people and Weebles Airport.

In May, you 'graduated' to sleeping with Mommy in her 'big bed', and in June, celebrated your 3rd birthday at La Caretta with Great-Grandma Sally, Papa Mike, Ariel, and Jaevon, who were here for the summer.

Mommy had bought a Jeep in February, and you soon enjoyed going 'muddin' with her!  In fact, one night, you came out wearing your Sofia the First nightgown and blue jeans.  When Papa asked about your jeans, you looked him in the eye and said, "Papa, there will be MUD!"

In July, you enjoyed the fireworks, and in August, you were able to go to the pool twice!  The first time, we took you to a family event at Rainbow Beach, and after Uncle Will took you down the kiddie slide, you were hooked!  You also loved spraying people with the water nozzle! A week later, we celebrated Ariel and Jaevon's birthdays, and went to Aunt Liz's pool.  When two girls were finished playing with their foam Noodle, they let you play with it, and soon you were propelling yourself all over the 4 and 5-foot areas:)  You also made friends, and had a good time.

You do see your father twice a week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  He takes you to the park and to the library, to check out movies to watch.

Grandma became a cantor at church this summer, and the first time I led the singing, I'm told you called my name every time I stood up!  This past Sunday, you took my hand and said, "Grandma, you have to go sing!"  I quietly told you it was NOT my turn!  Later, I took you with the other 3-5 year olds for your special lesson, and you listened and were cooperative.

That's all for now, sweetheart.  Hopefully Grandma will do better at updating this more often!