Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Home!

Dearest Alex,

We've now moved into our new home at 205 Nicholas St in Vincennes, and you are thrilled to have your own bed across the room from Mommy, though you wake up snuggled next to her every morning.

A lot has happened in the past year:  Reagan Winkles came to live with us in October 2015, but returned home to Arkansas this past November.  She called you 'Princess' and would often bring you treats after work.

For Christmas last year, Mommy got you a tricycle, which you happily pedaled around the house until the weather warmed up.  Your boundaries outside were Harlie's house to the right and the tree just past Chris's to the left.

You started Head Start in January, and enjoyed it, and Daddy began 'helping' with your class every Mon-Tues-Wed.  I use 'helping' lightly, because you stopped paying attention to the teacher, and everyone was thrilled when Daddy's schedule changed and you went to his house on the weekends.  Still, you ended your first semester on a good note, and looked forward to returning in the fall.

Over the summer 2016, you enjoyed visits with Ariel and Jaevon; met Taco, Mommy's boyfriend Mike's dachshund, and was thrilled when Mommy allowed you to go play with Harlie and Chloe as long as Uncle Will went with you:)

In May, we went to Aunt Linda and Uncle Mike Keser's 50th anniversary party.  Papa Mike McIntire met us at the door, picked you up, said, "Okay, Alex is here; the party can start now.  The rest of you can leave..."  Ha ha!!!  We also met Papa Mike and Grandma Sally at TGI Friday's for your 4th birthday celebration.

School began in September, and you have had perfect attendance now for 3 straight months.  Grandma joined you for Grandparents' Day, and we ate a delicious lunch of chili (Mommy had said we were having pizza; otherwise, Papa would have gone also!).

In October, Grandma and Papa took possession of the new house and began painting.  You enjoyed helping Mommy set up your new room, though when we first showed it to you, you exclaimed, "But where will we SLEEP?"

I explained we would be moving over your bed, and you looked relieved!

For Thanksgiving, Mike joined us for dinner, and you enjoyed sitting on the cedar chest, since our dining room was full of boxes, and we'd not moved the table over yet.  For regular meals, we crowd around a tiny table in the living room, and your 'chair' is the step-stool.  No more high chair for Alex!

Likewise, in the Jeep, you use a booster seat, but in Papa's truck, you still have to sit in your car seat.

You've said some cute things over the past month, and as soon as I consult with Mommy, I'll post them here.

Today you came home and announced you'd kissed your sweetie Jace on the lips, and that he'd kissed you back!

Your mommy punched the first boy who tried to kiss her....Bennie Large, in the 1st grade.  Ask her about that sometime:)

Til Christmas....