Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vacation Fun

Dearest Alex,
It was so much fun taking you to Colorado with us!  You were such a good baby, only fussing when you'd absolutely reached your limit when it came to being confined to a car seat.  We tried to stop every two hours or so to let you get out and run, or have you diaper changed, and during the six days on the road, you did remarkably well.

You also tolerated the altitude better than your Mommy; you charmed everyone you met; and entertained your great-grandmother.

You were unimpressed with both water parks, since the water temperature was a little cold to your liking.

You watched as your mommy raced your uncles around the go-cart track; got doused by both uncles in the Water Wars and Bumper Boats; and enjoyed a train ride even though rain fell during the last part of the ride.  But later we went back and you watched everyone play Mini-Golf.

You ate Mac-N-Cheese nearly everywhere we went.

And had a lovefest with your Uncle Kyle when we stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut on the way back.  Yes, there is video, lol!

Hopefully one day we'll get to take you back so you can remember it.