Saturday, September 9, 2017

1st Month of Kindergarten!

Dearest Alex,
So far, you enjoy school!  Mommy gets you up in the morning and drops you off, then picks you up.  So far, you've done well, with only a slight amount of trouble talking when you're supposed to be listening.  Mommy had a chat with you, and this past week, you've stayed on green:)  Good girl!

Your mommy had the opposite problem; she wanted to be the class Monitor, and would report to her teacher who wasn't doing their work, or who was trying to talk.

You also had a boy try to kiss you.  When your mommy was your age, she punched the boy in the chest and was sent to the principal's office.  I'm told you smacked his arm, but no one reported it to the teacher.

Your daddy is enjoying his job at the Farbest Turkey Plant:)

I don't think I reported Grandpa Rick was hospitalized with a heart attack earlier.  He's doing well now.

In other family news, we had our family pictures taken for church, and while you were a little shy at first, you soon warmed up to the photographer and were a little ham!  I love the picture taken of you snuggled against Mommy:)

We've also begun work again on cleaning out the Green House, and have cleared the room that's caving in.  Papa and I hauled 900 lbs of scrap, including 2 stoves and 8 electric motors to the scrapyard.  Hopefully the next time I write, we'll have cleared out another room.

Hugs and kisses!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Your 1st Voice Mail Message:)

Dearest Alex,
I know I said I would post again at Christmas, but so much has happened, this blog got away from me again.

At Christmas, you were thrilled with your Peppa Pig play sets and redecorated Grandma's shelves with them, along with your Leggos.

We battled lice again, and finally in April, Mommy had had enough and cut not only your hair, but hers as well.  Our lice problem disappeared, and once again you had perfect attendance at school.  You scored at the top of your class, so Mommy made plans to enroll you in Vigo Elementary in the fall.  This way, Papa could drop off Uncle Will at the middle school, then circle back to drop you off.  No one would have to travel out of their way.

This summer, you have enjoyed the company of Ariel and Jaevon again, and you and Ariel have spent many wonderful hours together, watching The Troll Movie and putting on make up.  We celebrated your birthday at Brown County State Park and you went horseback riding for the 1st time.  You weren't old enough to ride with Mommy, Uncle Kyle, Uncle Will, Ariel, or Jaevon on the trail ride, but Papa put you on a pony and you and your friend Zeke were able to ride three laps around the ring.  Afterward, we had dinner at The Nashville House.

Mommy even took a new summer job, taking care of seven horses, since her hours were 10am-2pm, which left plenty of time for her to spend with you.

Ariel is going to live with us for the next six months on a trial basis, and go to school at Lincoln.  If her grades don't improve, then she'll go back home to her mom.  You were thrilled at that news over the 4th of July:)

I've been up in Lafayette most of July, helping Grandma Sally and Papa Mike with their vacation to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada to see Great-Aunt Wendy, Great-Uncle Chris, and your cousins David and Rachel.  I had to go to Chicago  to put Grandma Sally on the plane and then again a week later to help her get home.  You missed me so much, you left the sweetest voice mail message:

My name is Alex.  I want to call my grandma, please.

It's still saved on my phone, so I can play it for you when I get home in a few days.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Home!

Dearest Alex,

We've now moved into our new home at 205 Nicholas St in Vincennes, and you are thrilled to have your own bed across the room from Mommy, though you wake up snuggled next to her every morning.

A lot has happened in the past year:  Reagan Winkles came to live with us in October 2015, but returned home to Arkansas this past November.  She called you 'Princess' and would often bring you treats after work.

For Christmas last year, Mommy got you a tricycle, which you happily pedaled around the house until the weather warmed up.  Your boundaries outside were Harlie's house to the right and the tree just past Chris's to the left.

You started Head Start in January, and enjoyed it, and Daddy began 'helping' with your class every Mon-Tues-Wed.  I use 'helping' lightly, because you stopped paying attention to the teacher, and everyone was thrilled when Daddy's schedule changed and you went to his house on the weekends.  Still, you ended your first semester on a good note, and looked forward to returning in the fall.

Over the summer 2016, you enjoyed visits with Ariel and Jaevon; met Taco, Mommy's boyfriend Mike's dachshund, and was thrilled when Mommy allowed you to go play with Harlie and Chloe as long as Uncle Will went with you:)

In May, we went to Aunt Linda and Uncle Mike Keser's 50th anniversary party.  Papa Mike McIntire met us at the door, picked you up, said, "Okay, Alex is here; the party can start now.  The rest of you can leave..."  Ha ha!!!  We also met Papa Mike and Grandma Sally at TGI Friday's for your 4th birthday celebration.

School began in September, and you have had perfect attendance now for 3 straight months.  Grandma joined you for Grandparents' Day, and we ate a delicious lunch of chili (Mommy had said we were having pizza; otherwise, Papa would have gone also!).

In October, Grandma and Papa took possession of the new house and began painting.  You enjoyed helping Mommy set up your new room, though when we first showed it to you, you exclaimed, "But where will we SLEEP?"

I explained we would be moving over your bed, and you looked relieved!

For Thanksgiving, Mike joined us for dinner, and you enjoyed sitting on the cedar chest, since our dining room was full of boxes, and we'd not moved the table over yet.  For regular meals, we crowd around a tiny table in the living room, and your 'chair' is the step-stool.  No more high chair for Alex!

Likewise, in the Jeep, you use a booster seat, but in Papa's truck, you still have to sit in your car seat.

You've said some cute things over the past month, and as soon as I consult with Mommy, I'll post them here.

Today you came home and announced you'd kissed your sweetie Jace on the lips, and that he'd kissed you back!

Your mommy punched the first boy who tried to kiss her....Bennie Large, in the 1st grade.  Ask her about that sometime:)

Til Christmas....


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another Milestone!

Dearest Alexandria,

This entire week, I've watched you wake up, go sit on the potty, and proudly show us your DRY diaper.  You have worn your Sofia The First and Frozen panties, and have had nearly NO accidents during the day.

We are so proud of you, darling!  Being potty-trained is the first step toward being able to attend preschool:)  In fact, your mother and I took the paperwork down yesterday, to see about getting you enrolled in Early Head Start.

Your mother quit her job at Steak-n-Shake, due to the payroll not fully paying her every week, and is now working nights at Lewis Bakery.  You've been spending 'quality time' with Mommy while she sleeps, tucked up beside her in bed while you watch NetFlix.

Earlier this month, Mommy trimmed your hair to just at your shoulders and you look so much better! I know it has to be cooler than having all that hair down your back:)


Monday, August 17, 2015

You Are Now THREE!

Dearest Alex,
So much has happened over the course of two years!  I apologize for neglecting this site.

You were our little bumble bee for Halloween, and at Christmas, you received not one, not two, but FIVE play cell phones!  You enjoyed your baby dolls and charmed your Aunt Linda.

Your hair grew longer; your vocabulary increased.  We took you to Madison, In, and you enjoyed the waterfront with your mommy, Uncle Will, and Papa.  For Easter, you looked adorable in your white dress, and Mommy bought you a pink toy 4-wheeler:)

Your birthday was celebrated at O Charley's in Lafayette, but you fell asleep before we got to Columbian Park, so no zoo for you.

In August, you spent time with your cousins Rachel and David, first in Aunt Linda's pool, then at Red Lobster and Grandma Sally's house.

For Halloween, we dressed you as Sofia the First, one of your many favorite Disney heroines.  You also love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, and of course, Sofia.  You also love the movies Coraline, Monsters University, and Princess and the Frog.

Grandma home schooled your Uncle Will this year, so you got to go on many outings, including the skating rink and the pumpkin patch!  You enjoyed the corn maze and walking in a piece of culvert on a track; you laughed whenever you'd fall down while with Mommy, Uncle Will, or even Grandma.  We had to practically drag you away from the boat races; you loved pumping the water!

Mommy went to work at Steak-n-Shake, and you love to go eat french fries and cheese:)

In December, we took you to Cousin Trudy's house, where you helped play Santa, plus played with Zoey and Melody, even playing with the remote control snake!  Grandpa Mike got down on the floor with you and played with the little people and Weebles Airport.

In May, you 'graduated' to sleeping with Mommy in her 'big bed', and in June, celebrated your 3rd birthday at La Caretta with Great-Grandma Sally, Papa Mike, Ariel, and Jaevon, who were here for the summer.

Mommy had bought a Jeep in February, and you soon enjoyed going 'muddin' with her!  In fact, one night, you came out wearing your Sofia the First nightgown and blue jeans.  When Papa asked about your jeans, you looked him in the eye and said, "Papa, there will be MUD!"

In July, you enjoyed the fireworks, and in August, you were able to go to the pool twice!  The first time, we took you to a family event at Rainbow Beach, and after Uncle Will took you down the kiddie slide, you were hooked!  You also loved spraying people with the water nozzle! A week later, we celebrated Ariel and Jaevon's birthdays, and went to Aunt Liz's pool.  When two girls were finished playing with their foam Noodle, they let you play with it, and soon you were propelling yourself all over the 4 and 5-foot areas:)  You also made friends, and had a good time.

You do see your father twice a week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  He takes you to the park and to the library, to check out movies to watch.

Grandma became a cantor at church this summer, and the first time I led the singing, I'm told you called my name every time I stood up!  This past Sunday, you took my hand and said, "Grandma, you have to go sing!"  I quietly told you it was NOT my turn!  Later, I took you with the other 3-5 year olds for your special lesson, and you listened and were cooperative.

That's all for now, sweetheart.  Hopefully Grandma will do better at updating this more often!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vacation Fun

Dearest Alex,
It was so much fun taking you to Colorado with us!  You were such a good baby, only fussing when you'd absolutely reached your limit when it came to being confined to a car seat.  We tried to stop every two hours or so to let you get out and run, or have you diaper changed, and during the six days on the road, you did remarkably well.

You also tolerated the altitude better than your Mommy; you charmed everyone you met; and entertained your great-grandmother.

You were unimpressed with both water parks, since the water temperature was a little cold to your liking.

You watched as your mommy raced your uncles around the go-cart track; got doused by both uncles in the Water Wars and Bumper Boats; and enjoyed a train ride even though rain fell during the last part of the ride.  But later we went back and you watched everyone play Mini-Golf.

You ate Mac-N-Cheese nearly everywhere we went.

And had a lovefest with your Uncle Kyle when we stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut on the way back.  Yes, there is video, lol!

Hopefully one day we'll get to take you back so you can remember it.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Month Already!

Dearest Alex "Lexie',
It's hard to believe a month has already passed!  You went to the doctor yesterday and your weight is up to 8 lbs, 10 oz!  Mommy didn't catch your weight; I must remind her to pay closer attention.  I've got your pictures in my 'Brag Book', and we're taking you your Great-Aunt Liz's wedding to your soon-to-be Great-Uncle Bryan on Sat.  Then on Sunday, we're taking you to St. Martin's Church in Martinsville and showing you off to our friends up there.  I hope Fr. John is still there.

Your head control continues to improve, and we've finally figured out to feed you in small doses.  Otherwise, you spit up buckets, esp all over Grandma, lol!  And most importantly, you've won over your grandpa!  Good girl!

You've been a joy to take to lunch, or hang out with your grandma in the mornings or late evenings.  Daddy has a job now, and works 11pm-7am at GenTron, where they make refrigerator parts.  So far, he's been on the job for three weeks and doing well.

I forgot to as your mom if she tried to put you in the pool yesterday.  Probably not; I tried dipping your mom's toes in the pool when SHE was a month old; she didn't like it.  Squealed and curled up her feet, so back to the stroller for her.  Uncle Kyle was 2.5 at the time and loved spending the afternoon at the pool.

We just survived a hot stretch.  Temps were in the hundreds for nearly two weeks.  It seems funny to say 'Thank God it's in the 80's!'

If I'm repeating myself, I apologize.  You rolled over at the two week mark, and Grandma caught it all on video.  Uncle Kyle and Mommy were very happy to witness it!

That's all the news for now, darling girl.  Til next time:)